V6 Ph1 - airco probleem

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Car: Clio 3 RS / V6
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Wellicht kan iemand mij helpen. Onderstaande reeds uitgezet op clioV6.net, maar dit levert helaas nog niks op:

I'm preparing my V for a road trip to the Mediterranean. Unfortunately the AC is not working. :nee:

Troubleshooting done by use of the Autotel ODB reader:
Air conditioning control unit is having an active alarm -> ‘compressor control open circuit’.
Therefore I have checked the compressor clutch circuit. Found that the entire circuit is ok. Injection computer is not closing input C3 to ground. (By doing this manually the compressor kicks in.)
There are no logged or active alarms in the injection computer. Observation in status group: connection injection -> AC ‘NOT ACTICE’. Permission AC: ‘ACTIVE’.

Air conditioning computer is showing: AC blocked by injection -> YES.
Secondly the AC parameters temperature and pressure seems to be frozen at 255 deg. C and 255 bar. Disconnecting the AC pressure sensor (LH side condenser) will not change the parameter value, and not causing an alarm. There is no sensor voltage supply on the pressure sensor.

Compressor control is operated by the injection computer, but the air conditioning control unit is having an alarm. I don’t understand this.

Finally I presume there might be an internal fault in the AC control unit. Part NO 7700432248.

Iemand dit eerder onder handen gehad, bij een clio 2 (Ph1)?
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Kun je hier iets mee: https://www.renaultforums.co.uk/threads ... it.321002/
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