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Lid geworden op: ma 14 nov 2016 14:45
Car: Megane 2.0 16v

My name is Ivan, I'm 20 years old, live in Croatia and drive megane 1 phase 2 1.4e berlina.
I'm currently trying to figure out how to get more power from the e7j, and i'm thinking of installing k7m intake manifold (1.6 8v from coach) and aftermarket full exhaust).
If you have some advices for E7J feel free to help :grin:

P.S. my brother has megane coupe 2.0 16v tuned with lightened flywheel, cams, exhaust, head, remap; it hasen't been dynoed yet, but stock with exhaust it produced 150 whp.
here are some videos with it. It's faster than S3 mk1, honda civic type r FN2 and some other tuned cars :) ... e=58336DF2
1.8 16v (also his, currently in the process of building with 172 engine) and megane ... e=583255D5 ... 6057_o.jpg ... ture=share
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m1n1 (Jasper)
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Car: R5 GT Turbo PH1
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Hey Ivan,
I don't really know anything about megane's so can't realy help...

thanks for the links with the megane in action (I couldn't get all of the pics to work however)
Rik Hamberg
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Car: Clio IV R.S. (JS)
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Car: Clio 2 Phase 1

Hi Ivan,
I have a clio with the E7J in..

The throttle body from the 1.8 laguna apparently fits in our engines.. Been looking through the scrapyards for one. Haven't found one yet. I've made a mounting bracket for the e7j throttle body using aluminium sheet metal with holes to go in the bolts that the air resonator used - then i put a pipe and air filter on it.

I've been looking into the ECU and it seems not much can be done (any other input would be great).

Also if you want the larger displacement you can use a k7m block with your e7j head..
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Lid geworden op: ma 14 nov 2016 14:45
Car: Megane 2.0 16v

Sorry for the pictures

And for the e7j, the k7m intake fits, i'm almost 100% sure. I will try to fit it and post an update here.
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Lid geworden op: ma 14 nov 2016 14:45
Car: Megane 2.0 16v

Hello after a long time.. For everyone interested, K7M intake manifold fits on E7J head without modifications!!!

But.. i've done something way different and will open a thread to present it :grin:

BTW. My brothers megane went on dyno with fuel pump from 1.6 engine and bad remap and put out 167bhp and 217nm of torque!! So i believe with proper remap it would go to 180bhp.. The car has been sold and the engine is now in rallycross car..

Engine mods:
lightened flywheel
Head work
Clio 197 pistons
Fi 60 exhaust with middle and rear muffler Gr.N
A/C Delete
R21 turbo air filter
Camshaft info:
Intake 260* exhaust 248*
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